Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I have a never ending affair with anything that is blue or black and so this time I decided to pair up both the colours and compliment each other. BLEED BLUE! As Mumbai Indians were the winners of IPL 2K15 I have fallen for the colour blue even more!

There are certain trends that are almost reminiscent of summer. Strips, floral prints, animal patterns, denim on denim and plain colours. So this time its the plain colours with adding some accessories. Loose, plain and bold colours are trending these days as we can style up these pieces any which way we feel comfortable in. I found this blue dress while shopping at RELIANCE TRENDS, it was a great experience. As soon as I saw this piece I instantly knew that it was making its way on the blog soon.

Perfect for summer, the combination of two trusted colours blue and black. Styling up this dress was fun because I could try hell lot of stuffs that would go with this outfit. But I choose my blue and black combo because it is alot more sexier than any other combination would ever look. I paired it with some frilly bag and my black roped wedges. As my bag had golden studs fitted to it so I decided to pull up my look with heart shaped black earrings with a golden base and some rings.

DETAILS: Dress: Reliance Trends
                    Bag: Walmart (USA)
                    Footwear: Dubai Mall
                    Rings: Colaba street shopping
                    Earrings: Local shop 

I thought of going with an edgy look, so for that I put my favorite red lip colour from the LAKME 9 to 5 collection, with a long winged eye linear using my ELLE 18 liquid linear. I put on some shimmer on my eyelids and blended with a black tint at its edges to make it look more sexier with my MAC MAKEUP SERIES. For a finishing touch at the end I used my BLACK EYECONIC KAJAL and here my outfit is ready! I kept my hair a bit messy or frizzy you can say. A frizzy hair -do compliments your plain look and enhances it more. You can simply get this hair done at home by just spraying up some water on your hair, tie a pony tail, roll it up and keep it for sometime. Then open it when you are ready to leave, just set your hair the way you want and ttadddaaa your frizzy hair do is ready! :P easy isn't it?

Okay, so guys see you soon with a next blogpost till then stay tuned. :*
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