Saturday, 2 May 2015

Animal Print Fashion!

Discover Animal Print!

Yeah! Finally back from a perfect summer holiday with family and now its time to get back to work! This time its the animal print styling. Animal print is the hottest trend for any season. You may find it everywhere from ramps to the local street but its important to style it right because you don't want to be a fashion faux-pas.
For a casual day out!
If you are the one who prefers to go with the short and sweet look, here is one of the ways you can style your animal print one piece for a casual outing! Animal prints enhance your look and make it a bit sassy. The right way to go about with the look is wearing a perfect pair of shoes and some accessories. I have taken a small black bag pack which gives my outfit a statement look. You can also style up a black sling bag or a scarf to your look. I have worn my nude shaded boots with my one piece to give it a simple yet classy look.Those boots are love *-* summing up my look, I wore my black and golden combo watch which looks pretty and completes my outfit. 
DETAILS: Dress: Goa
                  Bag pack: Colaba street shopping
                  Boots: Linking street Bandra
                  Watch: Titan Designer
 These prints go well with the fall colours like deep purples, browns, deep reds, blacks, nudes etc. If you have any accessory which is with the animal print like bags, scarf, boots, bangles etc. then keep your outfit very casual and let the accessory be the main attention! 

Parties or events!
This is the time when you can go a an extra mile with your experimentation. Opt for high waisted skirts or your trusted pair of black or blue jeans along with your animal print top. Stick to dark colours or nudes to compliment the look. Highlight your featured item i.e, your animal print by keeping you outfit very simple so that you don't end up looking like a mess. You will never want people to turn heads for a wrong reason.

 Match the footwear to your outfit and voila, we have a superstar! As you know these heels are my favorite and they go on any look I plan to carry. Every girl has that one trusted pair of shoes in her footwear collection which she loves to flaunt!

Add up a studded hand cuff and a purse to the outfit which perfectly enhances your look and is the right combination you have paired with your dress up! You can wear number of rings in golden or black colour to highlight your hand too.
 I opted for a blue high waisted skirt with my animal print top which gives it a classy look! It is the perfect match to my look and can be considered as a statement styling. Carrying a black and golden designer sling bag makes the outfit eye catching. These are my favorite glares which gives my look a sexy touch! It changes colour though *-*
                  Skirt: MAX
                  Hand cuff:  Inorbit mall
                  Ring: Colaba
                  Purse: Aunt's gift
                 Glares: Bandra linking street
                                   PICTURE CREDITS: RUHI KHATU
Style, style does not shout or say hie, style just arrives in style!
 Style never talks but people still listen..
Style is the role model in the supermodel..

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