Sunday, 14 June 2015

Punch up the basics!

Yo! I am back with something really simple yet stylish. I am very sorry for the delay in my work and I will make sure that it won't happen again! ^^ So lets get started. This time my look is all about how I used different pieces and put it into one. 

There are certain staples in your wardrobe that can help transform routine outfits into second glance ones! Anyone who is keen on creating a stylish wardrobe needs to have their basics in place. A pair of well fitted printed blue jeans, a black round neck top, a denim jacket or an over sized shirt would be the first few things on my check list. Once you have all these things in place start snatching the fancy basics such as a pair of glares, a sexy sling, heels or boots and a watch.

This outfit is made up by using all these basics in my wardrobe. I punched in with my plain black top with my trusted pair of floral jeans with my black sling, a white and grey shirt, boots and a watch. Adding up to the funk I wore my glares. 

Wearing the shirt over also gives you a perfect outfit. Punching up all these five basics will help you get a perfect casual look. These fancy basics will amp up your daily ensembles without actually putting in any extra effort! 
DETAILS: Jeans: Max
                    Top: Local shop
                    Sling: US shopping 
                    Glares: Bandra
                    Boots: Bandra
                    Watch: G shock

Now coming to my makeup, I decided to keep my makeup a bit edgy. For the edgy look I applied my winged liner and shaped my brows with a black brow pencil. Instead of opting for a rep lipstick I chose my sweet pink lip colour. If you want a real funky look go for a red matte lipstick.

So this is all for the day. Hope to see you soon with a next post. Till then 'Keep dressing, keep styling' :* much love. 


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