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7 Mistakes Brides Make in their wedding outfits!

Wedding date fixed? Jumpstart your wedding preps keeping these things in mind!
7 Mistake Brides Make while selecting their wedding trousseaus!

Have you ever attended a wedding and noticed that the bride looks messed up and not happy with the attired she is wearing? Or ever had an experience in your own wedding and want to warn your friend who is a bride-to-be! This is your chance to make her big day the best day of her life.

Always Going For A Red

Who says a bride looks good only in a red lehenga? In fact you should keep your personality in mind while fetting your wedding outfit created. A bride can look as stunning as a princess in pastels, whites, yellows, greens, blues and pinks. So cut off the cliche red and jump on to a bright new look.

Paying more getting less!

Have you ever thought that the outfit you are going for is too costly and not worth the price but you still buy it because it is a designer piece or a well known designer's best selling piece? No, a very big no! Do not go for it! It is about your wedding and the way you want your outfit to be on point. Doesn't even matter if it is a best selling piece but if you are not satisfied do not settle for less. 

Compromising on perfect fittings

Have you ever felt that your outfit fittings aren't proper? But you have already told the designer to redo the fittings innumerable times in different sections of the outfit but still can't feel comfy? Do not compromise on your fittings and ask the designer to redo it one more time or even more than that until and unless you feel it is right! Because your outfit has to be ON POINT and AS COMFORTABLE AS POSSIBLE cause' you're the bride <3 

Over Accessorizing

Oh my my, sometimes I feel like actually going and telling the bride to remove all the extra pieces she has worn on her wedding day! Would you like to look like a jewellery store on your big day? No, right! So keep the jewellery pieces accurate and go for those that compliment your outfit well. If you are wearing long layers of necklaces then do not go for a lot of hand accessories or bangles. On the other hand if you are going for a large mang tikka or head accesories go for minimal necklaces and wear some hand accessories to balance your look. 

Ignoring the Drape

I have seen this actually happening in a lot of weddings I have attended. The complete mess the bride becomes while adjusting her dupatta, pallu or the chunni while her 'saath phere' and performing the rituals. Make sure that all your duppatta, pallu or chunni drapes are done properly and secured with a lot of safty pins. 

Not Wearing the perfect Footwear!

One of the biggest blunder mistakes the brides tend to make, is choosing stilettos over wedges or platform heels. Wedges give your feet balance and help you stand for a longer period of time without hurting your legs. I am pretty sure everyone feels uncomfortable in those high heeled stilettos after standing for hours and hours at the wedding. The bride must keep this in the mind that her big day is not going to easy so she should take care of herself by making the right choice! So a big yay to WEDGES! 

A Too Loud Make-up Look

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The make-up is another factor every bride should pay attention to. A very loud make-up will make you look over the top! Always keep two things in mind while getting your make-up done: If your outfit is heavy or filled with work keep your make-up low key and subtle and on the other hand if your outfit is subtle or simply pastels go for a heavy bridal make-up with accurate accessories! This will balance you complete bridal look and keep you in a comfort zone too. 

So these are a few things a bride should probably keep in mind while preping up for her big day becasue no one wants to regret later. Ending my post here, see you soon tommorow with some fab bridal looks from RAJKUMARI by Richa Haware! Stay tuned and do not miss on anything. 

Signing Out,
Kshitija Adsul.  

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  1. Well informative post for the bride's to be. Most of us are not well aware of this facts. All of this points are relevant & perfectly described. You should think about Indian bridal wear with bright colors otherthan red.