Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Collab scenes with THE STYLE MARK ^_^

Yo Yo Yo! :P Sorry, like seriously I am too excited to tell you guys about my collab with my college buddy Reena Nikharge. She has a style and a make up blog called as "The Style Mark" , isn't it cool? Like two best friends with two different blogs and so many innovative styling ideas! Friendship goals achieved :* So lets get going with my post.. and also do not forget to go and check up her blog post with another styling collab with me! Shoots with this babe were awesome! Determined in her work and concentrating on each and every thing is what I have learnt from her :)

Okay so talking about what we had worn. Reena was wearing a blue shimmer top with her black jeans. Adding up to her look she was wearing her animal print blue and white scarf which was complimenting her look. We had planned up a monsoon look and so we came up with these ideas. Coming to what I had styled! I styled a blue denim shirt with my leaf print dress which was pretty comfortable for this season.

                             Dress: Goa
                             Shirt : Colaba
                             Footwear : Rainy collection BATA. 
                             Earings: Ayesha
                               Top: Solly
                               Jeans: Zara
                               Scarf: Colaba
                               Footwear: Colaba

Okay so coming to the end of this post. I would love to know your suggestions and comments. Please do let me know about your opinions. :) Do not forget to go check up Reena's post on her blog with a whole new styling! I will be soon coming up with my birthday post till then stay tuned and keep styling ^_^ 

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