Saturday, 14 January 2017

Layer it up!

Hola! So how is 2017 treating you guys? My January has been going really well yet hectic. I have been thinking about a lot of stuff for you guys but my watch says a big NO! Because hell ya, No time! But no worries I have decided I won't give up on what I have made and continue going forward
however and whenever I can.

What is winter without wearing a leather jacket even once? What is winter without greys and blacks? What is winter without boots? It's boring! As you all know winter in Mumbai is not likely to be a serious winter always as the sun and it's heat has it's game going strong all 365 days of the year. So, I planned to do a semi- casual brunch look for you guys. Wanna see more? Scroll down then...

As you can see I have paired up my trusted pair of black jeans with my beige boots, grey shrug top and my yellow leather jacket. Now you guys must have thought why did I put up a long shrug top with a jacket because winters are all about layering and covering. Keeping the winter styling aspect in  mind I have created this look. For my makeup I went for my basic kitten winged liner and a basic maroon lippy. Last I added my white glares and flower choker and we are good to go!

Jacket: Zara
Top: 109'
Boots: Walmart
Choker: Local Shop
Glares: Colaba Causeway

So, This is it. Hope you guys found this post useful and will try to create something similar to this look too! See you soon with a kickass post next time! Until then stay tuned and stay happy :D Much love xoxo. 

Signing off, 
Kshitija Adsul.

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