Thursday, 17 November 2016

Winter is here!!

Helloooooo Girls! My favorite season is here now, WINTER! Oh my god, cold weather, big soft blankets, curling yourself, hot coffee dates, hot chocolates, tasty soups, no waxing, long sweaters and hoodies and garam pakodas *_* But with all this comes dry skin and with that comes great responsibilities. So, I will be telling you people about some Season essentials needed for a dry-free, moisturized and healthy skin!

So, I thought rather than shooting with all the products I would go for just giving detailed information about how an average Indian girl should go about this winter. Without any further due let's begin..

The face and body wash

These are the products I have been using since a while for my dry winter skin. So the question rises, Why not to use a soap this season? Soap makes your skin dry and does not give the proper amount of moisture, where as foaming face washes such as Attitude from Amway, Medimix with Aloe Vera vitamins, Clean and clear and body washes like Nivea or Forest essentials etc. give smoothness to your skin and make it less dry. You get level one of body Moisturization.

Moisturizing Cream

After the wash the first thing we need to do is the main moisturizing of the skin with both our face and body lotions. Do not apply a body lotion on your face because it can go hard on your skin, as our facial skin layer is comparatively more delicate than our body. Choose the correct winter lotion for your self that will keep your skin hydrated the whole day and won't let your skin tear-off. And if this happens then it's surely the high time for you to go change your cream. I use Colorbar Illuminating Lotion for the face and Aveeno Active Naturals for my body.


As you all aware of the fact that primers are our hero! Primers are really necessary for this season as it is needed to keep our makeup intact the whole day. It will keep our skin hydrated too. I have been using Colorbar Perfect match Primer for around a year or so and find it very effective. A big thumbs up for Colorbar!

BB Cream

My go to make up look for college starts with applying BB cream on my face which works both like a foundation and a cream. I prefer not applying a lot of foundation and concealer, It's like not my daily thing. I prefer using the Pond's BB cream with SPF 30 PA ++

Lip Cream

Lips are the most delicate part of our face. And for this soft part a special application of creams is needed. Always apply lip balms whenever you get time or when ever you feel that your lips have become too dry. Remember before applying any kind of lipcolour on the lips apply your lip balm be it a matte lipstick or a glossy one. Apply ghee to your lips every night before sleeping for natural pink lip trick!

Moisturizing Milk

Cleansing Milk is a super essential product this winter. You can use it for removing make up or apply it on face and massage for 10 minutes before taking a bath. It gives you pre-moisturized skin before bath. I use Himalaya Herbals Cleansing Milk, I think it's the best!!

Hair Care

Many of you guys ask me about my hair care routine and all, The routine is very very simple! Oil your hair twice a week with any oil which you prefer. I prefer INDULEKHA Oil. Massage your skalp properly and then wash it with shampoo your choice. For shampoos I prefer Loreal and Forest essentials. Do not forget to use conditioner after your shampoo as it will keep your hair soft and smooth. After your hair wash you should probably use a hair serum to keep your hair frizz free and make it look healthy the whole day!

Hope you guys found this post helpful <3 Will catch up with you guys soon, see you until next time!

Signing out,
Kshitija Adsul

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