Sunday, 14 August 2016

Blue Ivy!

Hey Girls! I am back with yet another post. I was eagerly waiting to share this look with you guys and Ta Da the day is here! Finally writing a blog after a very long time. People who have been following me since day 1 know that I love royal looks, Gowns and Maxi dresses and so I decided to show you yet another similar look. I have divided this post into two parts, So this is the part 1 and the part 2 will be uploaded soon. So without any further due let's proceed...

Camera and Editing credits: Darwin Antony 

Makeup by: Reena Nikharge

Blue has been my favorite since I don't know when but I am so dedicated towards this colour. The colour itself speaks so much! It's a Calm, soothing, royal and dependable colour or we can say our always go to colour. 
I have styled this high-low gown with a set of Silver earrings and necklace and my silver heels. I received this set of earrings and necklace from an Instagram page @trust_art_jewels . These guys have some really amazing jewelery out there, Girls you must check it out. :D
Reena went with a subtle kind of makeup for this look with deep red lips and thick winged eyes, this makeup compliments my outfit so much and makes it even more beautiful! I have kept my hair straight at the back and a bit curvy in the front with a center partition, However I feel center partition does not suit me, What do you guys think? yay or nay? :p

Gown: Flipkart
Heels: Red Shoes
Necklace set: Trust_art_jewel

Here we come to the end of our post, hope you guys liked it! :-) Second part will be up soon, so stay tuned <3
Until next time!
With love,
Kshitija Adsul.

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