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Hello everyone! I am back with a super cute post today and guessssss what? It's all about tasty and delicious cookies and cakes *_* Yumm! Is your mouth watering already? Hold on babe, there is a lot more to come!

You must be wondering why am I blogging about cakes and cookies? Because why not? I tried out these stuffs and loved them so much that I couldn't resist without sharing this with you guys! 
P.S: I am not a food blogger hence do not expect the professionalism of a food blogger in this post, Will be trying my level best of describing the products and putting up all the details from where I have received these stuffs and all! So, let's do this! 

Click Courtesy: Sakshi Raut 

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Hairstyle credits: Disha Raut

So, I got this combo pack gifted from Just baked containing 2 cake jars, a cupcake and 4 cookies. The best part of this is, it is all home made, at reasonable prices and is made with all love and care. Who makes all this delicious stuff? Melissa Rego a resident of Kharghar runs this online bakery all alone, she takes the orders online through Instagram and Facebook, bakes it all by herself with pure affection and delivers it to you on the occasion you choose, be it a birthday, an anniversary, a farewell or any other occasion you want! Now, let's see what I have in my package.. Isn't the wrapping beautiful? Specially the bow!

#1 Nutella and Peanut butter cup

This cupcake is the most delicious thing in the whole combo. It comes in a cute wrapping and with choco chip and vanilla toppings. When you take the first bite of the cupcake the peanut butter that is filled in comes pouring out! Oh my... It was so tasty!  

#2 Nutella Cheesecake Jar

Hahhah! The Nutella cheescake jar was so yummy that I ended up finishing it while shooting for the post! Who does not like Nutella? Damn, people are crazy about it! And so am I. This cheesecake jar comes in different shapes and sizes. The mason jar looks so cute, isn't it!

#3 Oreo Cheesecake Jar

Lol! Life of a blogger, Capturing anything and everything around! :P This is one of best oreo cakes I have ever had. The best part about this is the oreo on the top made my day <3

#4 Cookies!!

There are three types of cookies: Chocochip with Nutella, Chocochip with Oreo and Peanut Butter. She has got many cookie options and these three are my fav!! You must try them all because it tastes heavenly!

You can follow @justbaked73 on Instagram and Just Baked by Melissa Rego on Facebook!

Hope you guys found this post helpful! And here comes the saddest part :( the goodbye! Till then stay tuned, lots of love to all! 

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