Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Working With Concepts!

Hello Girls! Firstly, Wish you all a very Happy Monsoon <3 In case you are thinking why I wished you, it's just a glimpse of my love for this super romantic season. Secondly, this post is not exactly a blog-post that I have been doing since a long time but is a 'Conceptional Post'.

What is a Conceptional Picture? It is a picture that expresses a lot and just not the words. It is based on a concept which gives out a beautiful meaning to the viewers. It is an immense effort of the model, photographer, stylist and the make-up artist all together in one picture. So our concept for this series was:

                                                                                                       - A work done by Viraj and Kinjal.

Photography: Viraj Ramteke
Styling: Kinjal Jain
Make-up: Simran Kota 

Viraj and Kinjal are friends yet partners in work and have an amazing talent which they show case from their work. The way they work is full fun and yet they are dedicated with their jobs. I personally call them 'Jugadu' because my experience while working with them was crazy! And yes, I guess you all should go through their Instagram pages which I will be putting up at the end of this blog-post. :') Hope you guys love their work 'cause I did and yes, A biiiiggggg thumbs up to them!

Coming to the beautiful make-up I have put on for my entire shoot was done by Simran who is an engineering student yet has a passion for this fabulous art! Even though this was the first time she tried out make-up on someone else it looked flawless and she did a super awesome job. She did this smokey eye look which was perfect for both my looks and did justice to the pictures!

Thanks You, Viraj, Kinjal and Simran <3

Follow them on Instagram:
Viraj: @repgad
Kinjal: @kinjaljain_kiyu
Simran: @simhotshot  

You can follow me on Instagram on @kshitija_fashionspectrum and on snapchat too on ksh_1998 for behind the scenes of the shoots!

Signing out! Much love,xoxo!

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