Friday, 2 October 2015

One Dress, Three looks!

Hello People! Here is another post for you guys, dealing with one dress in three different ways. All you need is perfect colour combination, right accessories and confidence to carry your outfit. ;)
So? Lets get started! ;)


#1 The Abstracts.

I think I was living under a rock all this while, but I never had thought of styling this white party dress of mine. It is so pretty and comfortable. Because of its stones and tiny little work on the top makes it look even more beautiful.
I decided to style my dress with my funky denim jacket and my boots. The bow I made with my hair gave it a cute yet different look, whereas pairing up another bow accessory on my hand balanced it.

DETAILS: Dress: Allen solly
                   Jacket: Local shop
                   Earings: Simply versatile
                   Boots: Walmart USA
                   Hand bow: Colaba

#2 Loving in casually!

I am all about the outfit that looks bright and fun, and is so comfy at the same time. And this dress is all that *_* 

DETAILS: Dress: Allen solly
                   Purse: Globus
                   Scarf: Colaba
                   Footwear: Gifted

#3 Glam Girl.

DETAILS: Dress: Allen Solly
                   Footwear: Catwalk
                   Earrings and hand cuff: Simply versatile
                   Sling bag: Gifted

To add up glam to the dress, pair it up the right accessories and heels. Golden is one of the most important colour which will help your look get a richer styling.

 Just remember even the hardest of the hardest outfits can be carried easily if you have confidence to take it. All you need is just the spark in you to make you look gorgeous! 

Signing out :) With love, 

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