Monday, 28 September 2015

Home Remedies, Questions and Answers!

So as some of the follower's requested me to do this blog post, here it is :D
I would love to tell all the girls out there who are dusky and dark like me, having such a skin tone does not lower down your beauty. It embraces your body and makes your features more sharp and worth a watch. ;) All the dusky girls out there, hifi :* 

#1 Face pack

Things you need:1. Papaya Pieces ( 6/7) 
                                                                             2. Honey

 What to do: Crush on the papaya pieces in a bowl and add 1/2 spoon honey. Mix it properly and apply it on your face, keep for 20-25 minutes and then rinse. It gives an instant glow on face! You can do this twice a week. Papaya is good for skin and honey will make your dry skin hydrated and soft! :)

#2 Peel off mask

Things you need: 1. Gram Flour
                       2. Milk     
                                        3. Turmeric powder
                  4. Ghee

What to do: Add gram flour, milk, turmeric powder and ghee in a bowl mix it properly. Apply like a peel of mask, keep it for 20-25 mins and then wash it off. 

#3 Use the plants.

Things you need: 1. Aloe Vera 
                     2. Tulsi
What to do: Peel off the aloe vera skin, take off the gel part. Crush the tulsi leaves and add to the gel. Apply it on face and neck. Keep it for 15-20 mins and then rinse ;)

Questions And Answers.

I have been getting these anonymous question on since a week and had promised to answer all these questions in my blog post so here they are ;)

1. I have a dark neck... my body complexion does not match with that of my neck. 
ANS: Firstly, You need to take care of your skin by applying a skin cream everyday. If your neck is dark apply the aloe vera and tulsi mixture I have mentioned above. Clean up your neck with a tissue every time you sweat, it will surely become light and match your body shade. 
P.S: It will not happen instantly, it may take time.

2. How to reduce stretch marks?
Ans: I really don't think there is any need to reduce those tigress prints on your body honey, It looks sexy. But if you really don't want it consult a skin specialist and apply medicines.

3. How do darken whiter underarms?
Ans: Girls, apply aloe vera extract ( the gel) to make the underarms look a bit lighter in shade and it may cool down the burning sensation too.

4. My hands are tanned please help.?
Ans: Grate a potato or cut it into half and it hardly on your hands.

5. Dark circles? How to get rid of it?
Ans: Place cucumber, used teabag (need to be cool) or cotton dipped in rose water on your eyes for 1/2 an hour everyday.

6.Suggest some good brands for long lasting liner, eye shadow, lipstick and foundation?
Ans: Liner: Loreal
Eye shadow: Mac
lipstick: Colorbar 
Foundation: Smashbox or oriflame.

7.How to grow long nails and shape them? what to do so that my hair length grows?
Ans: Apply any skin cream on your nails to let them grow faster. Apply it before sleeping and leave it for the whole night. Mostly, you should shape up your nails squarish so that they don't break off easily and it cannot hurt anybody :p Coming to the hair part, mix these four oils (castor, almond, olive and coconut) and apply every time. I am sure it will increase your hair volume.

8.Hairfall and dandruff problems and please which oil and shampoo conditioner is effective as well?
Ans: Only one thing I will suggest for hairfall and dandruff problems is Ramdev Baba's Patanjali shampoo and conditioner. Really worth it!

9. I want straighter hair please help. 
Ans: Go for a good hairdo. Go for temporary straightening.

10. Any trick or tip so that your liner skills improve.
Ans: Practice makes man perfect. Its an art. There is no shortcut!

11. I want pinker lips, help? 
Ans: Apply ghee at night. Honey is also a good choice.

12.How to reduce the dead skin? and also dry lips?
Ans: Apply a milk lotion and scrub the dead skin with a cotton. For dry lips refer the question above!

I hope you guys will find this post useful ;) 
With love, Kshitija Adsul.

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