Friday, 27 November 2015

'WINE SHINE' A Maybelline New York Review.

Maybelline New York Lipshade Review!
Hola! All of us know that we girls look the prettiest in lipstick and glosses. Some of us prefer the lighter shades and some of us are crazy behind dark shades. Matte and Glossy are the two types of lipsticks we girls love to apply.
Today, I am writting about a very sexy yet classy lipshade from Maybelline New York. It is the darkest shade of purple and is the statement feature in your makeup. 

Saw the colour? Isn't it hot? 
It has this glossy look when you apply it + has the finishing like the matte lipshade.

This lipshade is so much like the Saturday night, clubbing, award functions,weddings and a hot date kind of shade. Girls who love to buy darker colours in clothes, makeup and accessories,You guys should totally opt for this shade. One more plus point about this lipcolour is that it enhances your lip line and makes it look more sharper than ever.
Go for rustic looks when you apply this lipcolour. Bold eyes, rustic brown or golden bronzer and this wine/ plum lipcolour. You can go about with this lipshade and try different ways to make yourself look more bold and strong.
I am sure this colour will drive boys crazy tho :p 


Signing off. With love,
Kshitija Adsul.

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