Monday, 13 July 2015

Go Green! ;)

Hello People! I am back with a small post of my birthday outfit 2!! This was the second day of my birthday celebration and it turned out to be one hell of a day. Green is one of my favorite colours including black and blue :p I know I have a long list of favorites but never mind, it happens ;) Green is a cool colour and a statement colour as well. It cannot be styled any how, but can be used keeping in mind what shade of green you are wearing! I went for shopping to RELIANCE TRENDS the other day and found this top which just caught my attention and I think its not a bad choice though :P 

Okay! So lets see how a green can be styled keeping the colour tint in mind. Now my top is a light green one. Always remember that a light green/ neon green top, dress, crop top, one piece or kurti should be paired up with a darker colour. For eg. A light green top and a black or blue jeans is a perfect combination, the way I have shown. On the other hand if the outfit is in a darker shade of green like the olive green or dark green pair it up with a lighter shade of bottoms or jeans. Always go for an opposite match in greens. 

Now coming to the accessories, both dark greens and light greens can go well with a golden or a black based rings, handcuffs etc. Keep your accessorizing simple so that your dress becomes the highlight! Here in my outfit with a beautiful multi coloured design at the back which gives a more trendy look! This is not a kurti but a top with a traditional print! Isn't is beautiful? 
So, I have paired up my light green top with a black bottom jeans with a golden based hand cuff and a ring. To add up with a bit funk I wore my mercury sunglasses and my black heels! Try it out guys.. it looks pretty cool ^_^

DETAILS: Top: Reliance Trends
                    Jeans: Reliance Trends
                    Accessories: Colaba
                    Heels: Gifted
                    Glares: Bandra


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