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Colour the world with Asian Paints!

Asian Paints introduces the "Signature Look"

Personalised home décor ideas for Indian consumers with a sense of adventure, wanderlust and the spirit of exploration  in partnership with Peacock Life, The Label Life and Orange Tree.

19 June, 2017, Mumbai: This summer, Asian Paints, Indias leading paint company, is kicking off from the humdrum and venturing into the unknown. Asian Paints introduces the Signature Look- a décor look carefully curated by Asian Paints décor consultants to bring your love for travel into your home and heart. The Signature Décor Solutions service makes it easy for homemakers to paint their memories and stories onto their walls. It allows homemakers to co-create intricately designed, personalised spaces where every décor accessory, furnishing and detail accentuates the mood of the room, using the walls as the perfect canvas to bring travel experiences to life! One can even choose from the many pre-designed artworks on offer. Customers can also paint their bucket lists on their walls and get customized décor recommendations from their Signature décor consultants.

The latest trend in home décor is here – ‘Signature Look. The launch, themed The World Homeward takes you on a journey that breathes fresh air into your lungs and makes you cherish the memories that have made you, you. One such Signature Look that has been designed integrates the cultural influence of Portugal on the Indian state of Goa. The effortless integration of these two seemingly contrasting cultures has lent a uniqueness to Goan culture that cannot be found anywhere else in the subcontinent. The resulting décor uses laid back chairs and earthen toned walls to imitate the beach shacks whereas the accessories echo the fluidity and tranquillity of the sea. The space embodies the essence of Goan culture and creates an environment one would love to come home to every day.

The services will be made available exclusively at the Asian Paints Colour Store, Bandra and you can also book a session online or gain more information at:

Speaking on the launch, Rashi Bhartia, Marketing Executive-Retailing, Asian Paints Ltd says, Every home is the embodiment of the person or family that lives there. It is a place that we all want to be special, where every nook and corner must mean something. And so it is our endeavour to help our consumers do just that! It is with great pride that we launch Signature Look for our consumers this season, which gives their travel experiences and ideas a visual representation. Each décor style has been carefully researched and customised in a way that is sure to make their memories permanent in the most personalised way possible.

About Colour with Asian Paints
Strategically located in Mumbai and Delhi, our award-winning flagship stores bring to life the journey of creating that perfect home. Walk in to browse through an inspired offering of designs and textures or collaborate with in-store experts to explore the endless possibilities your home has to offer. The Colour store experience is about igniting your inspiration and fuelling your creativity. Just walk into a room set to feel various textures, view finishes for surfaces ranging from walls to wood, enjoy a tête-à- tête with celebrated designers and find your pick of the hottest interior trends. Each of our stores is a hub for events, interactions and activities, décor-themed and otherwise, that allow you to discover, create, explore and engage with us and other people who appreciate the finer things in life. Theme of the month ideas, DIY workshops, expert talks, in-store contests and competitions and consultations with Indias finest designers  these are just some of the events you can enjoy in our space throughout the year.

About the Speakers

Kaustubh Khade  Kaustubh can best be described as a sport enthusiast. But it is his love for kayaking that has taken him deep into uncharted waters and he thrives on being left to find his footing. Not only has he represented the country at international kayaking tournaments, he also holds the Limca Record for completing a 500kms solo kayaking journey from Mumbai to Goa. To us, a trip from Mumbai to Goa might seem like an invitation to kick back and sip cocktails on the beach. To Kaustubh, it is an invitation to kayak alone, in deep, sea waters. His recent kayaking journey began in Kutch and ended at Kanyakumari. Hear him share his experiences and his love for the water with your feet planted firmly on terra firma.

Yeshwant Holkar  Yeshwant is the co-founder of Umoja  an online platform that curates and develops travel plans for families where loved ones have limited mobility. Yeshwants journey of making Indian tourism more accessible for everyone is a heartwarming initiative made even more remarkable when viewed alongside Indias overarching lack of inclusive measures for differently abled people. Umoja has been pivotal in bringing awareness and improving accessibility. Yeshwant has a repertoire of compelling stories and we have an evening to get acquainted with them.

Rishab Joshi from Lost Stories   Lost Stories is one of the largest music talents of the country. The duo has performed for numerous prestigious stages, including Sunburn and Tomorrowland alongside international artists like DJ Tiesto, Dash Berlin, Boombaba etc. Their musical genius has landed them the title of being Indias leading electronic dance music performers/DJs but they arent resting on past accolades.  Their cover of Justin Beibers Sorry with Armaan Malik clocked over a half million hits on YouTube. They are currently collaborating on new music with numerous national and international artists, which is expected to hit the market soon. Rishab has played for renowned clubs like Knox, Versuz, and Opium in Europe and crazy experiences were par for the course. He is the younger genius of the two and enjoys connecting with people. An evening of swapping travel stories with him will revive the music aficionado in you.

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