Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Summer Chills!

Good afternoon all! It's 2.30 according to my watch and this heat is just so irritating! Going out for shoots or any other work in such scotching heat is not a good idea though! But all you can do is dress according to your comfort and head outside. 

Some girls are not so comfortable wearing shorts, skirts, tank or tube tops etc. So what do we do? Here is a very simple yet chick look which I have worn many a times while my outings and many of you have seen it! But for my other readers I thought of giving it a shot on my blog too! 


Okay! So you guys must be thinking that how am I saying that this outfit is a good choice for summer? It's long, covered and a dark colour as well. 

Let me explain you, It is long for girls who wear shorts but for girls who don't this is perfect for them. It is comfortable and flowing. Heard of skin tans? It is suggested to cover up your body in summer because 1) The sun tan looks horrible 2) Sun rays can be harmful for our skin as per suggested by doctors. Sunscreens do a great job but not for a longer time though. And now coming towards the colour scheme, yes dark colours do absorb heat but the material is what plays the real game. While choosing your outfit make sure your material is suitable for the weather!
I hope your doubts have been cleared!

Details: Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Max
Purse: Esbeda
Earrings: Globus

So, here was one of the summer looks I tried! More to come,Till then stay tuned!
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